Aircraft Testing

“Tested by SXA” means peace of mind

Southern Cross carries out acceptance test flights, redelivery test flights and maintenance test flights on a regular basis.  Being a customer-focused independent company, we are able to accomplish complete flight assessments in accordance with your customer requirements and to provide professional airworthiness advice.

Our independence is appreciated by lessors, manufacturers, maintenance facilities and airlines, thus making our flight test report an integral part of the aircraft acceptance in the delivery or redelivery process.  Southern Cross’ dedicated personnel are highly qualified and have many years of flight test experience over a wide spectrum of civil and military aircraft types.  After each acceptance, redelivery or post-maintenance test flight, clients receive a detailed report with all flight test results and observed discrepancies.  

For an ever-increasing number of aircraft types, we can provide customized flight test profiles to match the type of service requested. Our acceptance flight test profiles are comprehensive and contain functional checks of all aircraft systems. 

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